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They come to Utila Honduras from all corners of the world: Europe, Israel, Australian, South America, Canada, and the U.S. for scuba diving and to party. Some stay for weeks, others years. We began an outreach on this Western Caribbean Island to these travellers and the native Utilians in 2011 by building the Rio Coco Cafe on a property strategically located between four dive schools. According to Trip Advisor, the Rio Coco Cafe is now the #2 restaurant on UtilaWe are reaching them through hospitality and a cup of good coffee. Travelers love to talk, and the conversations go deep at the Rio Coco Cafe. Many have been touched over the years through the love shown by our team. We purchased this property in 2014, and now are embarking on a complete renovation of the building to repair Hurricane Mitch damage, as well as add two bedrooms, an expanded service area, and a downstair kitchen. Your gifts for this renovation will be well used to reach “the world” that comes to Utila.

Utila is located in the SW corner of the Caribbean Sea, 18 miles offshore from La Ceiba Honduras. This former pirate stronghold and English colony is a mecca for scuba divers. We have been coming here since 1989, and now have the opportunity for a special adventure. Young people come to Utila from all over the world. They come for scuba diving, and general fun. In a typical day, it is not unusual to have conversations with travelers from Australia, Israel, America, Canada, South Africa, Russia, Poland, Austria, England, New Zealand, Italia, Spain, Portugal, Greece, France, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Argentina, Chile, Japan, China, Korea, Hawaii, Colombia, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Holland, Belgium, and Finland. We are serving great coffee in an effort to help fund our school project along the Rio Coco (the border between Honduras and Nicaragua) and as an open door for conversations about the things in life that are important to us.