The Adventure in Utila

Welcome to the Rio Coco Cafe and Seek The Lamb outreach to Utila!


Utila is located in the SW corner of the Caribbean Sea, 18 miles offshore from La Ceiba Honduras.

This former pirate stronghold and English colony is a mecca for scuba divers. We have been coming here since 1989, and now have the opportunity for a special adventure.

 Young People come to Utila from all over the world.  They come for scuba diving, and general fun.


In a typical day, it is not unusual to have conversations with travelers from Australia, Israel, America, Canada, South Africa, Russia, Poland, Austria, England, New Zealand, Italia, Spain, Portugal, Greece, France, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Argentina, Chile, Japan, China, Korea, Hawaii, Colombia, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Holland, Belgium, and Finland.

Why did we choose Utila for the first Rio Coco Cafe? We lived on the mainland in La Ceiba for 14 years (1986-2000) and Utila is where we came to a day at the beach. It was here that Mikaela learned how to swim!
We are serving great coffee in an effort to help fund our school project along the Rio Coco (the border between Honduras and Nicaragua) and as an open door for conversations about the things in life that are important to us.
 We are all certified scuba divers, and we enjoy just getting in this deep blue water!
 Moselle and Arielle are extraordinary when it comes to serving coffee!  They have been running the cafe since we opened in 2011!

We are making a lot of friends over a good cup of coffee. It is natural way to build relationships! Our friend Erica (from Austin TX) wrote about her time at the Rio Coco Cafe Utila in her travel blog.  It is worth the read!Coffee Coffee Everywhere And Not A Drop To Drink.


We are located on the South Point of the island right between four scuba diving schools.


Our Boss has gathering a team from Maui, Florida, Israel, and Virginia to introduce these travelers to a new style of living, and a hope for the future.

Already we have had significant conversations with many travelers.  Many are on the island for a week or less, getting their dive certifications.  Others stay for weeks and months.

We have some friends who have been on the island for years.

We built a dock for our guests, as well as for our standup paddleboard rentals. It offers a shady, private place to contemplate your life, your coffee, and your day!

Look for the bright blue fence and signs on the gate as you walk down the street.

Look Also for these Friendly Faces: Arielle, Mikaela, Laura & Michael Bagby


And look for our signs in Hebrew which Moselle painted with help from our Israeli Friends Ben, Rachel, and Itay.


This Rio Coco Cafe Lifestyle offers many leaping and flipping and flying moments!


Two resources for our adventure that you might find informative and encouraging for this adventure on this Western Caribbean Island:

A Cup of Life

The Pillars

You can tell a lot about a place by its “Signs”.