Conchshell Chronicles

March 2021 Conchshell Chronicles

March 2021 Conchshell Chronicles

I was sitting at Central Assembly of God in Vero Beach, Florida. As I sat and had my eyes closed, I went away for a moment and “saw” a huge black, beautiful pot or cauldron sitting at the front of the church.  It reminded me of the decorative black incense containers that sat in front of a Box (we supposed represented God and our ancestors). We would put incense in the container and pray to the box representing Kamisama (God).

This Cauldron was a 100 times larger not meant for a human to drop incense into it.  As prayer and worship proceeded all around me, I noticed there was smoke that began to rise up from the Container and it proceeded upward.  I felt it was as a pleasing aroma to the Lord and it was good.  As we continued to invite the presence of the Lord through our praises, worship and prayers, I noticed that the smoke began to billow out of the pot and not only was it going upward toward heaven but it began to “drip” over the sides like water overflowing onto the ground and dispersing into the crowd of people…some sitting, some standing and some began to be visibly affected as this “smoke” passed by and touched them.  There was a sense of “wow there is something going on here” that was good, right, powerful and in order. 

The praises continued and the smoke continued to go up and rise up over the sides and it reminded me of my childhood when we played with dry ice or “gas ice” as we called it as kids.  The smoke continued to fill the sanctuary touching every person in its path and having an impact.  I then saw in my minds eye that people started to get up and walk out the doors of the church with this smoke upon them as if they were walking in it and through it because it was swirling with the movement of all who were in it.  I watched as people went to their places, work, offices, barbers, gyms, libraries….wherever they went they went with this Essence swirling around and having an impact upon anyone they were coming into contact with. 

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