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Join the Bagby Family and Friends for a virtual tour of Biblical sites in Israel, Greece, Turkey and Italy. We have been taking our friends there since 1997 to discover the history and culture that brings the Bible alive! Walk with us through Jerusalem, Corinth, Laodicea, Athens, Nazareth, Sepphoria, Tel Dan, Jericho and many more.

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1984 - The Story Began

Read About How Project Ezra Began

2004 - Let's Roast Coffee

Read About How Rio Coco Beans Began

2011 - Coffee Shop Ministries

Read About How The First Cafe Began

Experience Life on the River

Enjoy this video below produced by the staff at the Radford Coffee Company, who is in partnership with Project Ezra. Their team went to the Coco River to help build new sidewalks for the schools, minister to the people, and learn more about the Miskito culture.

Experience Life on the River

Who We Are

We are an international bunch who have united our efforts to help the needy around the world.

One thing we all share is a passion for our hero, Jesus Christ.

Our Purpose

a non-profit corporation dedicated to helping people understand the Love of God through our efforts to help those around us. Actions speak louder than words.

Our Mission

To make many friends, take them with us to spend Eternity with God, and to have as much adventure in this life as possible.

Biblical Studies

Come with us as we explore the Bible through the eyes of those ancient followers of God. Our life in Central America and time studying the Scriptures "on site" in Israel, Greece, Turkey and Italy has given us an understanding of what they thought God was saying to them as they walked through the desert with Moses, listened to Jesus speak on the Mount of Beatitudes, or sat in the congregation at Ephesus reading Paul's letter.

As our friend Dr Randall Smith has often said,

"The Bible was not written to you but for you."

When we take the time to understand the cultural, historical, political, and even geographical context of the Bible, the message is often richer and more personal.

Here are some of our thoughts and observations that may help in understanding those everlasting truths that God is communicating through His Word and the many characters in the Bible who were men and women just like us.

Biblical Studies

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Every month we send out an encouraging letter from our founders Laura and Michael which covers events on the Coco River as well as the Rio Coco Cafes along with personal insights about the spiritual journey that we are on.

They call it "The Conchshell Chronicles" after a Hawaiian practice of using the conchshell to send messages. Also in their life in Central America they became very fond of the local conch chowder.

The Conchshell Chronicles