Hurricanes Eta and Iota flood the Rio Coco

All of our villages are under water.

The rice and bean crop has been destroyed. Cattle, pigs, and chickens have disappeared.

Food is scarce and within a few days there will be a severe food shortage.

Send Relief Now

Help Our Teachers and Students Get to School!

Getting to school on the Coco River isn't easy.
For some, it is a 3 hour walking commute!
Give to the Coco River Transit to cover the fuel costs for a boat to get them to school each day!

I want to help!

Your gift gives far more than an education.

It gives LIFE.
Our schools offer education to thousands of children.
Education empowers and strengthens a community for generations again and again. It gives each child an opportunity to live life to the fullest.

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1984 - The Story Began

Read About How Project Ezra Began

2004 - Let's Roast Coffee

Read About How Rio Coco Beans Began

2011 - Coffee Shop Ministries

Read About How The First Cafe Began

Our teacher Denis Olayo with his son, Kisler

We support and see families where both father and mother are committed to their children's education in the home as well as in school.

Help Pay His Salary

Experience Life on the River

Enjoy this video below produced by the staff at the Radford Coffee Company, who is in partnership with Project Ezra. Their team went to the Coco River to help build new sidewalks for the schools, minister to the people, and learn more about the Miskito culture.

Experience Life on the River

Who We Are

We are an international bunch who have united our efforts to help the needy around the world.

One thing we all share is a passion for our hero, Jesus Christ.

Our Purpose

a non-profit corporation dedicated to helping people understand the Love of God through our efforts to help those around us. Actions speak louder than words.

Our Mission

To make many friends, take them with us to spend Eternity with God, and to have as much adventure in this life as possible.

Check out this interview with one of the Seek the Lamb founders.