About Us

We are an international bunch who have united our efforts to help the needy around the world. We come from Nicaragua, The United States, Germany, Switzerland, Honduras, and Hawaii. One thing we all share is a passion for our hero, Jesus Christ.

We are currently engaged in a school project in Nicaragua, writing and developing discipleship resources, and teaching Biblical principles to audiences in Nicaragua, Honduras, Hawaii, Florida, and other parts of the United States.

We also roast and sell extraordinary coffee to help fund our school projects in Nicaragua. Click the following link to visit Rio Coco Beans! www.riococobeans.com

We operate three Rio Coco Cafes in Vero Beach Florida and the Western Caribbean island of Utila, serving healthy, fresh food, coffees, smoothies, and exquisite desserts, all for the purpose of supporting the Nicaragua school project.

Our Purpose

“a non-profit corporation dedicated to helping people understand the Love of God through our efforts to help those around us. Actions speak louder than words.”

Our Mission

“to make many friends, take them with us to spend Eternity with God, and to have as much adventure in this life as possible.”

Adventure: A risky undertaking; a remarkable experience.