Biblical Studies

Benjamin Franklin once said that we should be a “Jack of all trades and a master of one.” Unfortunately that has often been misquoted to say “master of none”.

We all should be good at the business we are in, good at relating to others, good at managing our family and civic affairs, and good at creative expressions.  Yet behind all this is the discipline that we should master: Biblical Studies.  It is from an accurate understanding of the Bible and the principles therein that we achieve excellence at everything else that we do.  Knowing God’s Word is the prerequisite to all successful human endeavors.

We offer some teaching on the Bible which we hope will help you better understand God’s Word in the cultural context that you find yourself.

Our contributors include Laura Bagby, honors graduate of the University of Hawaii, Dr. Randall Smith, director of the Great Commission Bible Institute and acknowledged expert in Biblical Culture, Jon Hamilton, a noted radio Bible teacher, and Michael Bagby, an honors graduate in History from Miami University.

Here are a few thoughts to consider:


The Perfect Footwear

 On a family trip to Las Vegas for a wedding, Michael purchased a pair of Ariat boots, and discovered that these boots are the perfect footwear for his profession.


  Keeping Your Cistern Clean

 On a trip to the Wilderness of Zinn, Michael revisited a local watering hole, and discovered some personal application.




A Cultural View of the Beatitudes

What was Jesus really saying when He said

“Blessed are the. . . “?

A look with Biblical cultural eyes provides us a more appropriate “listen” to these powerful words.”





No Cheeseburgers at the Jerusalem McDonalds!

 Why are their no cheeseburgers on the main menu at the McDonalds in downtown Jerusalem? The answer may surprise you, and perhaps help us understand more about the Laws that were given through Moses to the Hebrew people.

Are these laws old and out of date, or are they life giving and very relevant to the 21st Century follower of Jesus?

We will start off with a song from Veggie Tales.....