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Michael and Laura Bagby
     Founders and Directors of Seek the Lamb

          Michael is the director of Seek The Lamb and actively engaged in Biblical training and discipleship. He is the founder of Rio Coco Beans, a specialty coffee roasting company dedicated to funding Project Ezra, which he and his Miskito friends began in 1986. Michael is the author of Living in the Spiritual WorldJust Another Lump of ClayIn The Search Mode, The Vision Behind the Verses, Echoes Into Eternity, and Serving a Cup of Life.

         Laura, Michael's wife, is the president of Rio Coco Inc. Her gifting of fundraising began as a jewelry making business and has now grown into managing the Rio Coco Cafes. Her compassionate heart and contagious spirit opens doors to deeply love those whom God has shown. You can hear from her monthly as the writer of "Lamb Bleatings", the most popular section of our newsletter. Laura is the mother of Mikaela, Lukas, Arielle, & Moselle.



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Tom and Nutie (Melrose) Keogh

TNT - The jam packed power couple! They are gifted in serving on the Coco River through pastoral leadership, teaching, training, and worshiping.

Tom has been living with Miskito people since 1979, working as a curriculum designer, teacher trainer, pastor, fisherman, coconut farmer, linguist, and program coordinator. Tom is fluent in Miskito and Spanish, and is one of the most capable communicators of the Gospel in the region.    

Nutie originally joined Seek the Lamb in 2002 with her husband Dave. They were very effective in discipleship with our teachers, and in their English classes. Dave died of cancer in 2006, and Nutie continued working with us in music ministry and our annual Deep Water Discipleship school held each summer in Nicaragua.
        In January of 2009, she married Tom Keogh! They continue to love on and impact the Miskito culture in a powerful way.

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Danilo Cunningham
Project Ezra Administrator

Danilo attended school in Honduras and Nicaragua, and his last year in high school in Maple Valley Washington. He attended the School of Worship in Jerusalem Israel for one year, which was followed by a year as an intern in children's ministry at Hope Chapel Maui in Hawaii. Danilo now trains teachers and pastors, and is now the principal administrator for Project Ezra. His understanding of foreign cultures make him a very effective leader and communicator of the Gospel.

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Onofre Zamora
Pastor and Teacher Training
Onofre was formerly the director of all the Nicaraguan public schools along the Rio Coco. Now he is a pastor, writer, radio Bible teacher, and one of the most effective disciple makers in Nicaragua. Onofre traveled to Israel in 1997 for a study of Biblical Culture with Dr. Randall Smith, and is an able communicator of Biblical truths. He also attended the Haggai Institute on Maui for their Leadership Training course. Onofre's Bible teaching progam, "Streams of Living Water" is heard three times weekly all along the Rio Coco. He is currently finishing a new Miskito translation of the New Testament.


Lanie Bishop
Office Manager and Board Member

Lanie resides in Vero Beach and manages all the finances of Seek the Lamb, as well as providing timely advice to our board of directors. She pastors a small group and is actively involved in discipleship. Lanie and her husband Tim provide much support to all Seek The Lamb activities.

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