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A visit to a typical Judean Vineyard reveals some deeper truths about Jesus's "I am the Vine" comments.

A Visit to a Judean Vineyard


The Geography of the Holy Land often reveals deeper meaning to the events described in the Bible. Here are a few famous examples.

Georgaphy - The Valley of Elah, Mt Arbel & Capernaum


The battle for the hearts and minds of a culture is always present, especially when the Greco-Roman pagan practices collide with the Judea-Christian Biblical worldview. It was happening in the First Century as it is happening now. Herod's seaport city was one of the primary battlegrounds in the First Century.

Caesarea Maritima - Hellenistic Culture & A Crusader Castle


Sepphoris was town that was rebuilt during the early First Century by workers from nearby Nazareth. It is probable that Joseph and his son Jesus were constructors who worked on that project. Sepphoris became a center of Rabbinical study in the First and Second Century. What does the Laws given to Moses have to do with the modern day follower of Jesus?  You may be surprised by what Jesus said....

Sepphoris - Understanding the Law


God showed Moses how we are to approach God through the design of the Tabernacle in the Wilderness. Dr. Randy Smith rebuilt the Wilderness Tabernacle near the shore of the Dead Sea in 1998 and for years it served as a study center to better understand what God was saying to the Hebrew people through this Divine Design.

The Wilderness Tabernacle and the Five Levitical Offerings


Tell Dan is one of the most astounding archeological sites in Israel. The uncovered walls, gates and altar tell us how God interacted with one of his favored individuals, and how that individual responded to God's message and the pressures of society. There are many lessons for those of us called to God's purposes. Can we trust God? Believe His promises? Stand firm against societal pressures? Resist satan's attacks? Through all this for Jeroboam, God demonstrated His unfailing love.

 Tell Dan - The Story of One of God's Chosen

One of the most refreshing archeological sites in Israel is Banyas, (Biblical name Caesarea Philippi) which is located at the base of the snow covered Mount Hermon. There are multiple waterfalls, streams, and stunning rock formations. In the First Century it was a center of pagan worship. It was here that Jesus took his disciples to ask them the Final Exam question, which is one that all mankind must ultimately answer. The geographical setting may help us understand what Jesus said in response to their answer, and it may change the way we view 'making disciples."

Banyas - Caesarea Philippi  "Upon This Rock"


There is a pleasant meditation site on the shore of the Sea of Galilee where probably Jesus gave his most important teaching. 

Mount of Beatitudes - Jesus' Most Famous Teaching


It was a warn day in May when one of our friends took us to a pond in a deep gully (wadi) that runs from Jericho up to Jerusalem. As we hiked to the watering hole, a famous story told by Jesus suddenly came to mind, and came to life. "What is the greatest commandment?' is the question. Jesus offers a story that anyone who had walked through this wadi would identify with. 

Wadi Qelt - The Ancient Road Between Jerusalem & Jericho


Paul traveled to the sex capital of the ancient world and was very successful in planting a vibrant church. What happens when you evangelize among those totally caught up in worldly culture? Problems arise, and Paul gives principle to his Corinthian friends that remain helpful in our culture today, which is very similar to First Century Corinthian culture. 

Corinth - The Sailors Town

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