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No Cheeseburgers At The Jerusalem McDonalds?

No Cheeseburgers At The Jerusalem McDonalds?

The first time we took our family there, I noticed the absence of a cheeseburger on the main menu. I was  really disappointed! No Big Mac either! So I ordered a quarter pounder, along with other sandwiches for our family.

 Later my son Lukas went to a register on the far end of the counter where he ordered a McFlurry- a thick milkshake.  When he got it, he was taken by an armed guard through a glass door to a separate seating area.  He was just seven at the time, and really didn’t want to go there, but the security guard insisted that he stay in that area as long as he had his milkshake. We observed all this at a distance.  Finally, I went over to retrieve him, and the guard said that he must drink that milkshake in that separate room. Eventually Lukas finished the drink and we left McDonalds.

A few days later I asked Dr. Smith why Lukas had to sit in the separate room to drink his milkshake. He told me it was all about kosher dietary laws. Religious Jews don’t mix meat and dairy. It was because of the way the rabbis interpreted Exodus 23:19 (and Exodus 34:6)

“You shall not boil a young goat in its mother’s milk.”

The rabbis understood that prohibition against boiling a calf in its mother’s milk as God’s commandment to not mix meat and dairy products. Religious Jews never serve meat and dairy products at the same meal. We discovered this at our meals in various hotels. Religious Jews even have two refrigerators and two sets of dishes: one for meats, and the other for dairy.

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