TNT April Newsletter: Life in Shaddai's Shadow, Part 3. Miskito Bible


Two days after Bridge to Grace left, Chilean Juan Carlos Letelier and his team of Canadian Gideons called Shareword Global came in, accompanied by a journalist from the television network CBN. I had done some translating for their magazine-formatted publication in Miskito of which they produced ten thousand copies and gave out to pastors and general public during a three day evangelization drive. I had also connected them with Onofre Zamora so as to include his translation of the entire Gospel of John in the issue. We were thrilled to see Onofre honored with a financial gift and 10,000 copies of his life’s work circulating among his people. Sharewood Global is committed to publishing his complete New Testament, and he retains the copyright.

Clifford Stamp and his wife Tima stayed with us at Arkarkya House

Clifford Stamp and his wife Tima stayed with us at Arkarkya House


The Shareword team left Waspam at 2:00 in the afternoon on the Tuesday flight and shook hands with the instructors of Rayaka Institute as they came in on the same plane. The Institute was in session for three days, the instructors leaving on Saturday afternoon, just before Clifford Stamp and Tima came to stay the weekend at Arkarkya House. Clifford and his wife have been called to find and disciple leaders from the downriver villages with the goal of planting local churches. They are moving from Puerto Cabezas to Waspam. On Sunday morning we went out to measure some prospective lots Bridge to Grace might purchase.

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