Hurricane Eta and Iota Relief

Hurricane Eta and Iota floods the Rio Coco!

Hurricane Eta came ashore on November 3, 2020 about 80 miles south of our school district on the Coco River in northeastern Nicaragua with Category 4 winds and over the next few days dumped 40 inches of rain on Nicaragua and Honduras. On November 17, 2020, Hurricane Iota hit land just south of our school project with 140 mph winds.

The hurricanes caused severe flooding in the mountains of northern Nicaragua, where the Coco River begins. Now all of that rainfall is flowing downriver, flooding our communities near the mouth of the Coco River.

All of our villages were under water. The rice and bean crop has been destroyed. Cattle, pigs, and chickens have disappeared. Food is scarce, and there is a severe food shortage.

In the first week in December we purchased two cargo boat loads of rice, beans, and other food stuffs. We distributed it to the families in each of our eight villages. Our teachers supervised the distribution. 

Photo: one of two cargo boats of food delivered in early December.


Photo: Danilo Cunningham with our Boom teacher Jons Dino


Photo: Danilo with our teacher Eusebio Manister in Klampa


Photo: Food for Livinkrik families

Photo: Families waiting in Sawa for the food distribution


Photo: our teachers in Sawa weighing out beans for a family

Seek the Lamb has been the most present ministry and NGO on the lower Rio Coco since we began our school project in 1986. We want to begin collecting food supplies to take downriver in these next days.

To feed nine communities with a population of over 10,000, it will require approximately $50,000 of food supplies over these next months.

Any gift you can give today will be very helpful. Your donation will buy bags of flour, rice, beans, gallons of cooking oil, and the fuel transportation costs to get it there.

We have our team in place ready to purchase and deliver these needed food items.

Please consider joining us in the relief effort and spread the word.

Click here to learn more about the immediate impact, damages, and needs of our community!